LG Homebrew

Make Your Beer at Home

For many beer enthusiasts, brewing their own beer at home is a distant dream. Or maybe, almost impossible. The idea of being able to completely relax and see a machine brew your beer may sound something straight from a fairytale but it isn’t fiction anymore.

To create a great tasting beer yourself, you need a perfect blend of flavors, ingredients, use of right tools and of course- a lot of patience!  Due to this manual, long process, beer lovers have never felt it right to brew their own beer. It’s always better to hit the pub with a mate and spend quality time, eh?

However, things have changed lately. LG has been working to transform the future of brewing beer at home using their state-of-the-art technology. The company wants to offer the convenience of brewing your own premium quality beer from the comfort of your own home in a quick and easy manner. And while they have been at it, they have displayed a concept at IFA to show how it really works.

So how does it work?

To explain it in the easiest possible manner, it feels like you’re using a coffee machine. It is that simple to use. Firstly, the Homebrew requires you to fill the right amount of water into it. To begin the fermentation process, you’ll need to add yeast or malt, hop oil and flavoring capsules. The machine takes all this into account and its clever algorithm determines the output needed.

Once that is done, all you need to do is select the beer you wish to brew and voila! You can select the temperature at which you want to chill the finished beer. Once brewed, your beer is ready to be poured into your glass. In addition, you could also add bubbles to your beer through this machine.

Time duration

Usually, beer takes 45 -60 days to ferment properly but LG has sped up this process to about two weeks. Not that the company has been compromising on taste or quality, it’s just that LG has used clever technology by adjusting temperature, improving yeast quality and using ingredients in a capsule to cut down on brewing time.

Is it that good?

LG’s technology has made a lot of difference. The Homebrew is smart enough to maintain precise temperature and pressure throughout the brewing process, thanks to its optimized fermentation algorithm. That tells us there won’t be compromises made on the taste. Another big advantage of this machine is that you don’t have to sanitize and prepare the equipment or clean it all by yourself. The Homebrew does that for you.

What beer flavors can I expect to brew?

The Hombrew is programmed to produce different types of beers. You have lots to choose from- Golden Pale Ale, Hoppy American IPA, Belgian Style Witbier Czech Pilsner and also an English stout flavor. That’s impressive for a machine which makes beer for you at the press of a button! One capsule produces 5 liters of beer in two to three weeks. The Witbier, or wheat beer, takes about nine days, while the lager-type Pilsner takes the longest at 21 days. Others can be made within two weeks.

If the LG Homebrew isn’t cool enough for you yet, then you also need to know that you could check the progress of your beer regardless of where you are. Simply use the LG app that is available for free and know when your beer would be ready to drink!

While the LG Homebrew is still a concept, it would go on sale for approximately 3500$. The company offers a 10-year guarantee on the inverter compressor, the machine’s core component.       

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